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Cyprus Breakfast
Cyprus Tourist Organization (CTO) awarded Droushia Height Hotel for its traditional "Cyprus breakfast". We use the best products growing and/or manufactured in the area. We endeavor to surprise our international clientele with an authentic taste of the island including Carob syrup, epsima (concentrated grape juice), goat milk and cheeses as well as fresh herbs and smoked meats of Cyprus.
Eating in Cyprus is serious business!
With a rich history and located on the crossroad of three continents, the island has seen a variety of influences, all of which add to the local gastronomy. We may surprise you with many unusual culinary dishes: "halloumi cheese", "gemista" (stuffed vegetables), "souvlakia" and "souvla" (grilled chunks of meat), "pastitsio" (pasta with mincemeat cooked in oven) - just to name a few. We also have popular international dishes and a la carte menu, easy children dishes and snacks, vegetarian and vegan meals.